Creativhook. New ARI dolls and new dresses.

My collection of Ari dolls is often supplemented with new dolls. I am grateful to my regular and new clients for their questions and requests to wear this or that doll from their collections. Such requests are the main reason to buy new dolls.

I have already written articles about dolls of the German brand ARI.
Ari dolls are very popular with collectors. Most often they are bought to play or to create clothes. But some people find other uses for them. You can create collages or showcases, or wooden boxes with handmade little things.

Modern story about German ARI vintage dolls.

I am very pleased and inspired by their growing popularity among doll lovers. There are more and more of them in different countries and their collections have several different ARI dolls.

More recently my collection has been expanded with several new ARI dolls. I want you to meet them.
The size range of ARI dolls is quite wide and starts with the smallest miniature dolls only 2 inches tall.
Everything’s fine with the little Ari dolls, but here are the faces…

Sometimes the nose is flattened, some lips are not in place, some eyes are on different levels)).

Ari dolls were cheap, so the manufacturers didn’t particularly try to make their faces pretty.

One of my clients gave me a doll that depicts Mom’s doll. This doll is four inches tall. She has a thin waist, beautifully molded hair and slippers painted in black.<img src="ari dolls clothes" alt="creativhook" />
And as usual, as a coincidence, one of my longtime and regular clients in Norway asked me to dress up Mama doll from the Ari family. The new outfit got in touch very quickly and goes far to Oslo. By the way, I am now listening to Monica Christensen’s novels about Svalbard, and the images of houses on the island inspired me to wear this outfit.

And a little more about new doll dresses.

Creating very small puppet clothes requires skill and materials. Tools and yarns need to be thin to make the dresses look perfect.

I’m constantly looking for new materials, new yarns to work with.
The latest collection of doll dresses is an amazing collection, each dress is made with very thin spokes and a hook. I suggest you look at new doll dresses. All of them are in the shop on Etsy.

Miniature knitted dresses for Ari 2 inches dolls

Sailor dresses for dolls.

  • Sailor style in dolls clothes is the most popular. Combinations of red, blue, and white colors are the best option for nautical style for dolls. Any doll in the collection must have a sea dress.

If you don’t know what outfit to create at once, let’s think about marine style.

                                                                Amazing sewing dress

        Blue shades of yarn will fit any yarn you have, from rich blue to turquoise. Blue blends perfectly with white, like the sea with white lambs of waves or like the sky with white clouds. And red is like the contrast between white and blue.

Marine style dress for American mini Girl doll

The easiest thing you can tie for a doll is a vest. It is suitable for any doll complete with a skirt or trousers.

Special marine sweater for Heidi Ott lady doll

What elements of marine style clothing do we know about? Stripes, waves, decorative elements in the form of circles or anchors. Hats or berets or sailor hats.

Image from Pinterest

But the most important element of the outfit in the sailor style is, of course, the Sailor’s Collar. It can be white or blue, it’s your choice.

If you have tied a dress for your nautical doll and are looking for options for a nautical decor? And I can show you this idea.

Silk crocheted dress for 4 inches lati doll

On this dress, I came up with a decorative element in the form of a lifeline. To create it, I took a metal ring, which is used to create jewelry. I hooked it up with red threads and then sewed it on the dress with white threads.

Little sea captain.

Which way you will knit your marine style dolls clothes no matter, you can hook and spokes. The most important thing is that your outfit is tied neatly and complemented with beautiful elements. You can use red ribbons and white lace, gold buttons or other elements. On jackets or blouses, you can make epaulets, and on overalls, you can embroider a boat or something on a sea theme.

If you can sew it well, then you have more opportunities.

I’m very fond of making clothes for dolls in maritime style. And it doesn’t matter what size a doll is.

If you want to dress up your doll in a sea dress, click on the letter sign on the top right of the site.