Miniature clothes for 2 inches baby dolls Heidi Ott dollhouse

Miniature clothes for 2-inch dolls and the process of then creating is very interesting and difficult. But this activity brings great pleasure when fans of tiny dolls receive their orders.

I created a small video to show you my miniature clothes for the smallest 2-inch dolls. Most often these are dolls from the Heidi Ott Dollhouse, baby boys and baby girls. But each client can have other dolls of the same size 2 inches live in the Dollhouse. So the dress will fit and so miniature dolls.

I invite everyone to my  YouTube channel. I’m still trying my hand at creating video projects and I need your support.

Just recently, I created a video and dedicated it to the smallest dolls. In it, you will see miniature dresses and sets for dolls from the Heidi Ott Dollhouse. Now they are the most popular among my clients.

Heidi Ott Male doll.

Heidi Ott’s man.
Well, finally he appeared, Beautiful and courageous Henry. Many of my clients and colleagues told me – When will your ladies and kids get a husband and father)))
And I thought it was time!
Male dolls from Heidi Ott have very realistic body shapes. they have a wide chest and strong legs. They’re a little taller than a Lady, but that’s understandable, a little difference in height is ideal for a beautiful couple.
My choice fell on the doll male with short dark orange hair, him. I assumed he was Irish.)

While he was getting to the new dollhouse, I was collecting knitwear models for him. I was looking through the doll collectors ‘ forums from Heidi Ott and talking to many fans of these dolls and I realized that there is very little realistic knitwear for such dolls. Most of the presented in the market of puppet men’s clothing is made in the old style.

But now many dollhouses are very modern. Therefore, dolls want to wear fashionable and comfortable clothes.

The most convenient type of doll clothes is knitwear. It is stretchy and looks good on the doll. A variety of knitted models from the catalog is quite possible to implement on a scale of 1: 12.

The ideal combination of colors for male sweaters
Do you like this combination of colors?

Until, I have time to make only two sweaters, but the ideas are still very much like models.  Thank you so much for visit my blog!

Maybe this sweater will be next)