Crochet Bear face for dolls clothes

Clothes for dolls with crochet Bears face appliques are most popular for any baby doll.

Doll’s clothing is children’s clothing in miniature. As in children’s clothing, in clothes for dolls, kids are very popular with any variation of bears applique. On hats and overalls, they look very well and will never lose popularity.


<img src="bear applique on doll clothes" alt="bear face" />
Petitecollin doll in pink knitted clothes


I also use a bear face image in little baby doll suits. If the doll is a boy, the jumpsuit is blue. If clients want to dress up a girl doll in a jumpsuit like this, the jumpsuit will be pink. I love to knit these amazing clothes for dolls.

<img src="bear applique on doll clothes" alt="bear face" />
Baby doll by Camille Allen

<img src="bear applique on doll clothes" alt="bear face" />

It doesn’t matter what size your doll is. Even for the smallest doll, I  can knit a jumpsuit like this. For 2 inches miniature doll I also can knit miniature clothes with Bear face applique.


<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />
Miniature blue clothes for 2 inches baby doll


For your favorite doll, I can make a complete set with bear face applique, and a hat in this suit will have small ears. I use many colors of wool yarn.

<img src="bear applique on doll clothes" alt="bear face" />
Mattel baby doll in bear clothes


Miniature bear clothes for Mattel baby doll.   If you want to wear your dolls in Bear face crochet applique clothes, You can see my work in the shop or write me a message. Specify which doll you have and which color you prefer. 

German dolls from Thuringia.

german vintage doll

Today I will introduce you to German vintage little dolls. For this we will go to Germany in the 70s of the 20th century. And we will go to Thuringia to VEB Kleinpuppen Lichte. VEB Kleinpuppen, Lichte – plant (national enterprise) “Little Dolls”, the community of Lichte (Thuringia. It is part of the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district. It is subordinate to the community association Lichtel am Reinstein).

Telling about the German dolls factory “VEB Kleinpuppen Lichte”, I want to draw your attention to this label from the doll box. I met them on the Internet while I was looking for information. There’s very little useful information. The factory produced a lot of toys and dolls, which flew to neighboring countries. Judging by this label, the mill had a separate shop that marked the dolls.

In the 70s, the mill produced dolls with different faces. I can not list them all, because I do not have such detailed information and can only write about those I have.

Literally the other day I was surprised by a little doll and so I couldn’t get past her.

Searching for her lineage didn’t give me any reliable information. I only found out that it was produced by VEB Kleinpuppen Lichte and sold in a box with a LIPU label.

Even a search by that name didn’t do much. So this post is short, but with the images, I found online and my personal photos in the “before and after” style.

This is what the Lipu doll in the package looked like.

Clothes on dolls after nationalization were produced at the mill. That’s why the same babies were released into the world from the conveyor belt. But sometimes it was very nice. Still, they changed their belly buttons afterward.

I dug through all the boxes, drawers and boxes, and couldn’t find the doll. Probably gave it back to somebody.

By the way, the mold of this doll is one of the popular ones. You can find them on many puppet sites. I can notice that dolls marked Lipu, are made of what a special vinyl. As time goes on, it gets darker and redder.

I stumbled across a German site on a photo of such dolls. They seemed to me magical and very beautiful. You can see from the box that they are marked Lipu. The faces are painted very simply. The short haircut is beautifully shaped.

The boy, meanwhile, has changed his clothes and is ready to show himself to you. And at the same time, a new sailor’s outfit.


Lipu markings are also found on such funny girls. They’re called “hooves.” Buying one of these from me is in my plans for next year.

Very cute dolls. I know they’re popular with collectors.

I have already written about small vintage dolls from Germany in my article about the TEBU doll factory. TEBU

But I’d like to find a miracle like this.)

All photos from the German site.

Funny girl, pay attention to her product tag. Such a tag was given to dolls in another doll’s factory.

But there will be one of the next stories about him. In the meantime, thank you, my dear readers. Admit who lives with such dolls and show them.