Miniature clothes for vintage dolls.

  • Miniature clothes for miniature vintage dolls. The little story about 4 miniature vintage dolls.

My lovely customer, Mary, is an amazingly kind lady. In doing so, I would call her original and unexpected. She calls buying dolls “salvation”. It seems that she chooses dolls for her collection according to a script. The unusual pieces she shows and asks them to wear make it clear that the script is simple. It’s love at first sight! I’ve been knitting for dolls for almost 5 years and should get used to requests and orders, but every letter from Marie makes me smile.

  • This is where I have to remind you of this post? This was the beginning of our friendship with Marie.

This time, Mary sent me this picture. A couple of micro-dolls with funny faces. The letter set out a touching story about the purchase. She, as usual, could not “save” the kids.

2 micro dolls



  • I didn’t find any information on the babies, but I can assume they’re from the ’60s.

Supposedly they were meant for a doll’s house. I didn’t find the exact information. The order had a simple request to tie two suits and small blankets. The colors were pink and blue.<img src="miniature knitted clothes" alt="2 inches dolls" />

And here’s what I did. This order was not difficult. Such costumes are ordered quite often.

<img src="heidi ott baby clothes" alt="2 inches dolls" />

And the other day, Mary sent me pictures. How much I love these moments, photos of clients. I see what happened and what had to be done a little differently. But the happiness of customers makes me happier too.

<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="2 inches dolls" />

For her collection, Mary bought two porcelain dolls from the image.

<img src="vintage porcelain baby doll " alt="3 inches dolls" /> For them, I knitted two sets of clothes similar in style to the miniature sets.

<img src="ARI rubber vintage doll " alt="3 inches dolls" />

And now the puppet company is back together!


<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />

Thank you for reading my story to the end. These and other outfits for miniature dolls can be found in the Creativhook shop at Etsy.


Miniature dolls. How did I start my passion for dolls.

Five years ago I started my passion for miniature knitting for dolls.  During this time, my collection of dolls became large.

I recently met a classmate I haven’t seen in fifteen years. After joyful hugs and questions about life, I started talking about who does what. I said I was doing puppet clothes) She was surprised and asked how it all started.


Start of my dollhouse dolls collection.

A doll’s hobby started in 2014. I was on my way home from work tired and isolated, at the time I was working in a mini-hotel. Night shifts were sometimes restless) On the sidewalk, the old lady was selling a simple scarf and I noticed a little doll on her table. At that time, my interests were related to jewelry and dolls, let alone doll clothes. I bought a doll, washed it, combed it, and put it on the shelf. Six months later, I decided to finally put it on. That’s how my current class began. Here she is my first doll Ninotchka. After Ninotchka appeared our domestic rubber doll.

<img src="knitted dress for mini dolls " alt="miniature doll dress">
My first miniature doll


The first experience of knitting miniature clothes.

Now I think he’s the one who started his passion for miniature puppet clothes. The first clothes now seem a little funny and rude to me. I was knitting out of everything that was in my knitting vault. And that’s why the outfits were rude. Now I have good fine yarn and thin metal hooks and needles in my arsenal. The dress turns out to be gentle and soft. I found miniature buttons for small dresses and learned how to embroider miniature flowers on them.

Let’s compare what I did in 2014, what kind of clothes for miniature dolls I offered my clients, and what I offer them now.

2014 year

<img src="knitted dress for mini dolls " alt="miniature doll dress">

Now that I’ve gone through a long way of trial and error, tried different yarns and different tools, the dolls miniature clothes look like this.

2018 year

<img src="knitted dress for mini dolls " alt="miniature doll dress">

Look at these dresses. I can say with confidence – I am proud of my work and I am not ashamed to offer it to my clients.

Baby doll by Heidi Ott in a soft yellow dress.


White silk knitted dress for 2-inch baby doll


I was preparing to ship the order to Sweden this morning. That’s why the photo is on the phone, as they say, “in the heat of the moment”.

Last moment before shipping.

Thank you so much for reading my story to the end. Your likes please me and give me confidence that I am not in the vain lead this site and tell you about my passion for Dolls.

In my shop, you can see more nice dresses. Welcome.