Miniature white dresses to dollhouse dolls

Miniature white dresses to dollhouse dolls

Miniature doll’s dresses in a dollhouse should be beautiful and different.
These can be white miniature dresses and blue dresses, red and yellow dresses. The dresses are for any occasion and for any mood.
We are thinking that miniature clothes and dresses for mini dolls can only be white.

<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />
Why? You ask me.

  • White is the color of tenderness and childhood.
  • White color in doll’s clothes shows that baby dolls are like little children.

How do you decorate white doll dresses?
You can decorate them with embroidery and a small miniature.

<img src="miniature baby doll clothes" alt="miniature dolls" />
Doll dresses can be knitted or crocheted with a hook or thin needles.

The new Creativhook collection of miniature dolls shows white delicate dresses in the size 1:12 of the dollhouse.
If your dolls are in a different size, you can only order by messaging me.
Each dress has a back clasp and is free to dress even the smallest dolls.
I only use quality yarn and miniature buttons in my work.

Miniature white dresses to dollhouse dolls

You can choose any dress by going to the shop.

                                                                                    White dresses for miniature dolls


Creativhook. New ARI dolls and new dresses.

My collection of Ari dolls is often supplemented with new dolls. I am grateful to my regular and new clients for their questions and requests to wear this or that doll from their collections. Such requests are the main reason to buy new dolls.

I have already written articles about dolls of the German brand ARI.
Ari dolls are very popular with collectors. Most often they are bought to play or to create clothes. But some people find other uses for them. You can create collages or showcases, or wooden boxes with handmade little things.

Modern story about German ARI vintage dolls.

I am very pleased and inspired by their growing popularity among doll lovers. There are more and more of them in different countries and their collections have several different ARI dolls.

More recently my collection has been expanded with several new ARI dolls. I want you to meet them.
The size range of ARI dolls is quite wide and starts with the smallest miniature dolls only 2 inches tall.
Everything’s fine with the little Ari dolls, but here are the faces…

Sometimes the nose is flattened, some lips are not in place, some eyes are on different levels)).

Ari dolls were cheap, so the manufacturers didn’t particularly try to make their faces pretty.

One of my clients gave me a doll that depicts Mom’s doll. This doll is four inches tall. She has a thin waist, beautifully molded hair and slippers painted in black.<img src="ari dolls clothes" alt="creativhook" />
And as usual, as a coincidence, one of my longtime and regular clients in Norway asked me to dress up Mama doll from the Ari family. The new outfit got in touch very quickly and goes far to Oslo. By the way, I am now listening to Monica Christensen’s novels about Svalbard, and the images of houses on the island inspired me to wear this outfit.

And a little more about new doll dresses.

Creating very small puppet clothes requires skill and materials. Tools and yarns need to be thin to make the dresses look perfect.

I’m constantly looking for new materials, new yarns to work with.
The latest collection of doll dresses is an amazing collection, each dress is made with very thin spokes and a hook. I suggest you look at new doll dresses. All of them are in the shop on Etsy.

Miniature knitted dresses for Ari 2 inches dolls