Googly Dolls

Did you know that Googly Dolls are dolls with big heads and wide eyes?

Dolls creators make dolls with the emotions of people, and we see dolls sad or cheerful, serious or indifferent, arrogant, or cute.
So the emotions of surprise on dolls’ faces are very similar to human ones.
I would like to show you Mischievous dolls.

<img src="googly doll " alt=" googly dolls dress" />The term Googly is thought to have originated from the German words “Guck Augen” which translates to “ogling eyes that move to one side”.  Googly-eyed dolls (also called ‘Googlies’) are a brand of dolls that share similar characteristics – most noticeably being their small statue and large head with wide, googly side-glancing eyes. The smile is generally small and mischievous. The first Googly-eyes dolls were produced in 1912, and all of them were biscuits. Most of Googly dolls were made in 1915-1925.<img src="googly doll " alt="vintage googly dolls" />

Googlie Eye, Googly Eye, Googly Eyed, or Googly Eyes are all doll terms used to describe what the side glancing and sometimes side rolling eyes of these charming dolls are called. The dolls can be found in antique cloth, mask face, bisque or composition heads, painted or sleep eyes, and are even made in hard plastic or vinyl materials.


More recent dolls are made of more common doll makings materials such as celluloid and composition. Modern Anime dolls are considered to be influenced by the Googly-eyed dolls and share many characteristics. Not only Anime but also Blight dolls seem to have become followers of these dolls.<img src="googly doll " alt="vintage googly dolls" />

Many companies have produced Googly-eyed dolls over the years. The original classic design dolls are generally credited to German toy manufacturers; included in these are Armand Marseille, Kammer and Reinhardt, Kestner, and Heubach.

French and American toy companies have also produced the Googly dolls. Known copies of Googlies, such as Campbell Kids, were made by American Character and Horsman. One of the more famous Google-eyed dolls is the Kewpies – considered to be the first Googlies these were produced by Ohrdruf and based on illustrations by Rose-O’Neil of the Ladies’ Home Journal.

Rose’s philosophy was simple – “Do good things with humor. The world needs a laugh or at least a smile”.

The book “History and Art of Googlies” by Anita Ladensak is popular among doll lovers with surprised eyes. She created a beautiful book with almost 324 colorful photos. The book contains a lot of images from leading European masters of dolls with google eyes: Kestner, Gebruder and Ernst Heubach, Armand Marseille, Max Handwerk, Kammer & Reinhardt, Hertel & Schwab, Hermann Steiner, Goebel, all-bisque and many others.<img src="googly doll " alt="vintage googly dolls" />

Collectors wishing to find a more affordable option to begin their collections can start with the later edition Googly-eyed dolls. <img src="googly doll " alt="vintage googly dolls" />

Expensive specimens are not available for ordinary doll lovers. But, who wants to find a more affordable option to start their collection can start with replicas of such dolls.

On my favorite English site, I came across a cute replica of such a doll. The price was very affordable and I could not resist. It is so cute that I believe the words of Rose. She makes me smile and cheer up. Here she is my beautiful girl. 

                                       Introducing new dresses for Googly doll


<img src="googly doll " alt=" googly dolls dress" />
Amazing yellow dress for the concert


<img src="googly doll " alt=" googly dolls dress" />
Red and only red!

About another porcelain doll you can read here:


Porcelain dolls. Replica or Modern?

 Porcelain dolls original  are getting older and even rarer. The cost of vintage dolls can reach large amounts.

And yet, mass production methods can make these types of dolls more accessible to the mass buyer. Doll manufacturers cannot spend months making a single doll. They try to simplify the manufacturing process and thus reduce their cost.

Well-made exact copies (or antique reproductions) of dolls, especially those that reproduce porcelain dolls from the 19th to early 20th century, are very expensive and therefore very expensive to make. Masters need to look for and apply authentic materials. This is what makes high-quality replicas expensive.

But! Many masters try to make good replicas of vintage dolls. They choose high-quality modern materials for modeling and subsequent painting of faces and body parts.

I want to show you my new dolls. These dolls are made by a French master and are ideal for any modern dollhouse. The affordable price makes them popular for many doll lovers.

The dolls are of very high quality, the faces are painted gently and expressively.

<img src="porcelain baby doll " alt="miniature dolls" />
Miniature modern porcelain dolls.


Pay your attention to the little doll. The baby doll is only 1 3/4 inch tall. The material that the author used to create this baby is very cute and light.

<img src="porcelain baby doll " alt="miniature dolls" />
Miniature porcelain baby doll 1 3/4 inches.


Very soon Creativhook will present a new collection of miniature clothes for the youngest baby doll. In the meantime, I’m showing you the first miniature gently embroidered lilac dress.

<img src="porcelain baby doll " alt="miniature dolls" />
Silk miniature knitted dress to a baby porcelain doll.


                                                   The first set includes a miniature pink jumpsuit with a cap.

<img src="porcelain baby doll " alt="miniature dolls" />

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