• St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For Russians, it is the jewel in the crown of the Russian Empire. The first capital of the Russian state. The city of palaces, promenades and amazing museums. The city of our history and our great memory of the war. I am proud of my city and consider me as a patriot.rerer_thumbnail_big_.jpg
    But I conceived a series of small posts about the ordinary life of citizens occurring every day and distant from the historical center and the main attractions.
Park 300 years of Sankt-Peterburg
Evening  life

Saint Petersburg is divided into several administrative districts. One of them I want to invite you.  Now I live in the Primorsky district, one of the largest districts in the city, the area of new buildings in the North-West of the city.      The commandant’s airfield he called because Peter the First in the early XVIII century granted lands to the current sleeping area of St. Petersburg the commandant of the fortress. The townspeople called this area “the commandant’s cottage”.7600c9_1d41d47b38dfd24dfdc6bf3178a732d5
In the late nineteenth century “Race society” was equipped with the Racecourse here. In the warm season, races have collected a great many of the surrounding truckers. In 1908 the capital of the Russian Empire was organized by the Imperial All-Russian Aero club, and the local Racecourse was used for testing aircraft. 800x600_SWEkM14iVNFzD201SZ5J
In the early twentieth century, there was a complete wasteland.

Later test flights and air show was moved to the Commandant’s field — a large area of vacant lots and gardens. In September 1910, it hosted the first all-Russian festival of Aeronautics. Drew even Emperor Nicholas II.
The airfield remained operational until the 1960s. During the siege of Leningrad, he took the planes with food and sent from the besieged city barely alive from starvation of Leningrad to the mainland. The streets and avenues of this area have names associated with aviation. The area continues to build, a new home has come to Sochi to spill and almost merged with the village of Lakhta. A wide seaside highway goes along the Northern shore of the Gulf of Finland and goes to the highway “Scandinavia”, leading to the State border with Finland.

How it all began
  • Subsequently, the whole area of the vacant lots began to be built houses. And as I wrote just above, because of the mass of the building has got a common name “sleeping”. This term was called almost all of the district of St. Petersburg outside the historic center. 31928The sleeping area is a residential area of the city, whose residents are forced to commute to work downtown and come home mainly to sleep (hence the name).  The development of sleeping areas is usually a template, pre-designed the whole area and the housing stock overwhelmingly consists of typical many-storeyed panel houses. But in the area be sure to have everything you need for the life of the citizen shops, schools, gardens, polyclinics and more. In our area many parks and gardens, small lakes and playgrounds.
Dolgoe lake

A few years ago I lived in the center, and when moving very worried about the future detachment from him. But now, several years later, I have no regrets about our choice. Clean air, green parks and good transport, quiet life. 3192761585690

The historic center just a few Metro stops or bus.2-640x420

The same amount of time we spend on a trip in the suburbs or in the nearest Park. Our house in the basement for a long time and looks standard for all buildings 70-years. But in our yard, there is a lovely Park, Playground, and area for sports. The only problem is the Parking because cars are becoming more. And sometimes you have to spend a lot of time for Parking) But, I think I know the reason of all cities.417679

Sizova 20 k.1 Sankt Peterburg. Arenda kvartir

Next time I will tell you about our Metro. He is recognized as the most convenient and cleanest in the world. Wait for the sequel.

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Aaron Thompson

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve read a ton about Russian/Soviet history, so it’s very interesting to hear from someone who has lived in Saint Petersburg for quite some time. I’m excited to see the later installments!


Thus is so interesting. I will explore more online.
Mary y in rock hill sv