Vintage dolls from Thuringia Germany

My dear readers. Today I want to show you three rare Germany Vintage dolls from my collection. I have already told you about some doll companies. All three dolls come from Thuringia (Thuringia. It is part of the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district. Subordinated to the community association Lichtental am Rensteig). This area was famous for its beautiful dolls. A large number of doll factories operated in Thuringia. In the early 70s, dolls factories nationalized. Now collectors are looking for such rare dolls. New enterprises are now producing new dolls. We love just such dolls with a story.
Let’s look at my dolls.

My vintage German dolla

The girl is a doll of the TeBu company . She arrived in her native clothes and I changed her. Theodor Buschbaum founded a doll manufacturing company in 1859 near the village of Wallendorf.
She specialized in the manufacture of small dolls, dolls for dollhouses – from composite, later – from rubber.
The company existed in the GDR as an independent enterprise (perhaps that is why most dolls have markings), but it also had state subordination (VEB).
According to various sources , it ceased to exist in 1968-1972 .

The boy is a doll of the company E.C.Wittig (ECW). The boy is a costumed doll in a typical Bavarian costume. . He has a characteristic face with a “heart” mouth, typical of Wittig dolls. She has carefully processed strands of hair, arms and legs. The original outfit has been preserved completely. The clothes and hat are glued to the body. Such dolls were on the shelves as souvenirs. They were not played by children.
The company has been producing dolls since 1902. The first dolls produced in national costumes
The company transformed into KG in 1959. Since 1972, the company has continued to work under the leadership of VEB. This year there was a massive nationalization of GDR enterprises.
Wittig produced dolls in national costumes, bed dolls in nightgowns.

The third doll remains mysterious to me. There is a marking on the back of this little doll. Probably this is the name of the doll company “WOMOE”. Unfortunately, I can’t find accurate information about this company..

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