Viscose dresses for Heidi Ott lady dolls

To create a new dress for Heidi Ott lady I used Viscose thread. I want to give you some information about this thread.

            VISCOSE – artificial fiber, which is produced from wood (it is a reduced cellulose), that is, the composition of viscose is very close to the composition of natural plant fibers. Sometimes it is called “wood silk”. Viscose is the first artificial fiber obtained by a person at the end of the NINETEENTH century (invented by a French scientist Gilera de Chardonnay in 1884.), but still retains its importance and is the most common.

Embroidery lovers will recognize such threads. They are usually used for hand and machine embroidery.
For me, it’s surprisingly awesome stuff to create doll dresses.

Most often I crochet these threads doll clothes for the smallest dolls from the dollhouse.
But now I thought that I could use these threads for knitting. And here is the beginning of a new collection been paved.
Three outfits of different colors made the first show.

The main qualities of viscose, which have become important for the creation of doll dresses:

                                                                          Viscose yarn.
– Knitted fabric from viscose is very pleasant to the touch.

– Viscose fabric is hygroscopic and breathable.

– High color intensity allows you to create products of bright colors.
                                                    – Viscose fiber is lighter than cotton or wool.
– It should also be noted that viscose does not accumulate static electricity, which means that there will be no unpleasant cod and tingling effects on your skin.

– Viscose tolerates light, long wiped off, but creases easily and swells up from the water.

Washing viscose dresses.

When washing items made of viscose require very careful care. When soaking, you may be frightened by the change of the canvas, it seems to swell and become durable. But after complete drying, you will not recognize the knitted fabric. It will be soft and surprisingly weightless. Washing is best done by hand.

For holiday doll dresses this is the best material!

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