World of “Caco dolls” by Fritz Canzler

I want to tell you about the CaCo dolls, vintage miniature dolls from Germany. But in first I want to tell about Plangonologia.

Many people always wonder why others collect collections, especially when these collections seem strange to them. Doll collection more often than others can raise questions and concern for others. Are the collectors hesitate when you have to explain it’s a hobby.   Collecting dolls is not uncommon, and even has its own term — Plangonologia. ( I didn’t even know about it before)!



Professional collection less need for explanation than the Amateur that does not consist of antique, vintage, or unique art dolls, and doll games. But “lovers” are no less positive emotions from your Hobbies.

I don’t want to get lost in a psychological maze so I will not discuss these reasons. I will touch on only some.  The first idea or the reason for the gathering of dolls I like. Therefore, I will consider it the most important!

 As I wrote clever words, and what…..? And the fact that a week ago, my friend Anna ( about her I already wrote, remember how we played with dolls?) showed me a miniature boy doll. Thin and incredibly lifelike face, this doll put me in awe.$_57

I as a real collector now), I decided that I want this miniature doll in my collection!!!    And of course, I started to look for information. Look what I found.

In the early 1900-is in Germany (the first mention occurs in 1906) Herr Canzler started the company in the export of toys, dolls, doll clothes and accessories.

In consequence, the numerous overlays that are related to suppliers, after the I-St World war, together with Herr Hoffmann, he still decided to launch their own line of dolls. Date of Foundation of the company Canzler & Hoffmann 1924, the headquarters of the Sonnenberg.
In 1925 registered the logo of the company, which has manufactured products until the early 50-is.image caco

You are absolutely right. I’m talking about the very well-known firm of dollhouses ” Caco”.

In 1927 the first doll saw the light.46447f97d685

It was a small doll for doll houses, through the frame was plastic, can make different poses. Hands and feet were made of lead, head of plastics (composites and papier mache)
Later, in the early ’30s, dolls were made of celluloid, for the effect of the skin. After the ban of lead and celluloid, the production switched to plastic. The heads were also plastic. But it was too late.

There is mention that the firm was represented at the Leipzig fair in 1939.e56e2f8079bb

1945, the company moved to Neustadt – Coburg (American occupied zone), a certificate of registration is in 1948. From 1951-1953, the company changed its name and logo, now it’s called CaCo – CanzlerCoburg.a0eeb733e1e4

Was built its production. Corporate logo was decorated exactly in Coburg In the early 70s, the company was sold.
However, the Brand is well known in our time, the company continues to manufacture mobile dolls Biegepuppen, for collectors and special occasions make dolls with porcelain heads are made and various miniatures for doll houses.96273eaee060
The management of the company carries out Frau Berndt-Hausser.
Here’s how to change the technology, visible winding different materials, different materials goals, was replaced by a drawing of the face.0b2fa9826c2c
1952год-composite the head, hands, and shoes-metal1b477612bd4f
1961-the metal shoes on the heels
1962-a new material for the head: plastic hand
1964-new plastic head with a new face
The doll was produced by “families” were dolls in the form of grandparents, dolls of the middle generation, kids and toddlers.


Manufacturers of dolls are very carefully followed and the fashion trends in clothing and design. Created the whole collection of clothes, for example, fashion houses in the world. Doll furniture was created under the new trends of fashion design. Faces for the dolls as if taken from life.09bc943e1f78c974a746e59947c2e610798bf16d43a2c072e72f8ab997f5fa499011e5f1
Without a doubt, these dolls are very interesting.  At first glance, the striking quality of the parts. Delicate features and the ability to create entire families. I’m sure that fans of this brand among collectors very much. And I’ll be glad to review your photo.

Miniature baby doll by Caco dollhouse

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  1. So glad to have found this site. I’ve recently discovered Caco dolls and I’ve fallen in love with them – especially those children with the moulded/sculpted hair.

  2. hello, i am trying to find collector books, guides to purchase on caco dolls. also i am looking to purchase many of the clothing types for the various dolls. please help. thank you!

    1. Hi Janet! Thank you for the comment. I am happy that I like my post. Everything about searching and buying catalogs and dolls, I suggest searching on eBay. But I have some good news. I have found the official website of Caco. I hope you will find a lot of useful information there. I can make some dolls clothes.

      1. Hello!! I found this information very helpful. Thank you for your time and valuable insight the wonderful world of the Caco doll.

        1. Hello Uryvskaya, Just left you a note thanking you for all your valuable information you provided to me, Janet R., also in particular, I am looking for the Caco clothes, vintage, vibrant colors and patterns, many layers to outfits, most likely from the 60’s. If you know of anyone who has and sells, please keep me in mind. Thank you again. TAKE CARE

  3. Greetings! Thank you for this helpful article. I have several old Caco dolls of that I would like to know more about. One is a smaller family with metal feet and hands, others have red and white shoes that I can’t tell whether they are metal or plastic and plastic hands. The adults have metal shoes, I think, and plastic hands. One seems to be the grandmother in the blue dress from your blog and I have a very dapper dad, mother and a maid! I also would like to know if it is possible to clean their clothing or faces without damaging them. Thanks you!

    1. Dear Robin. Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading the article and writing a comment. Vintage and vintage dolls require very careful care. Plastic parts of doll bodies can be wiped with great care with a wet sponge and a little detergent. This product should not be caustic. As for clothes. For such dolls, the clothes are usually not of high quality. If you have sewing skills, you can gently remove them from the doll, stretch them in warm water, and put them back on your doll. You will probably have to sew it on your back right on the doll. These dolls do not involve frequent changes of clothes.

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