•                         You love dolls and collect them?
  •            You have a collection of vintage or modern dolls?
  •            You want to have the dolls in the nice doll outfits?

Every day you change their images, coming up with a new one. And is there in the doll wardrobe knitting or crochet dresses? And what doing, if all the old dresses tired? I will be able to realize any of your ideas or propose a new idea of puppet outfit. Miniature knitted or crocheted manually the dress will perfectly fit the body shape of your doll, the decor will only highlight its tenderness and beauty. For every set of clothing or simply dress will be attached to a small wooden or miniature metal hanger and a little surprise from my workshop.

Brand style “Creativhook”  is the completeness of the doll clothes. Each set of clothing for your doll will be perfectly matched in color and style. And the next new thing will not break this harmony. Doll’s outfit made by my hands is unique.

I use to create doll clothes only high-quality yarn and don’t like doing exact duplicates of my work. So you can be sure of the individuality of doll clothes and of course, it’s quality. Talking about these reviews grateful to my clients.
Welcome to “Creativhook” for new dresses for the dolls!
Olga Uryvskaya